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Fitness After 50 by W. Ettinger, B. Wright and S. Blair
Item # BK132

It's never too late to get fit! Determine your level of fitness and activity level, use this book to create a fitness program. This is a ôhow-to-bookö showing you how to get started, stay on track and have fun. A self-paced workbook with forms, lists and other learning tools -- a one stop source for fitness information.

1 What's in it for You?
2 What You Think Matters
3 What's Age Got to Do With It?
4 Step It Up
5 Organize Yourself
6 Explore Aerobic Fitness
7 Find Places to Be Active
8 Get a Little Help From Your Friends
9 Create Your Aerobic Fitness Program
10 Add Stregth, Balance, and Flexibility
11 Learn From Lapses and Manage Stress
12 Looking Ahead

$ 19.95

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