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Fischer RCS Carbonlite Classic NIS Plus
Item # SK307

A new look for one of Fischer’s best selling classic skis. 812 construction using Air Core Carbonlite construction provides a long, dynamic wax pocket. A remarkable ski that’s torsionally rigid under foot. Carbon Pro tip and tail reduce the weight. A fast hard track, hard wax classic ski. They come Diamond Tuned Grind (DTG) and pre-waxed. Comes with NIS plate. NIS -- a binding plate molded into the ski. Positive connection of boot/binding to the ski without screws. Adjustable position in 5 mm increments.

Test data shows the drag is zero with proper fit. Grip factor, .73 to .75 and the wax pocket will hold 6-7 thin layers of Blue or Blue Extra wax. This could be a "magic ski"!

A modified Type C distribution with soft tip and tail. Very little friction on the sidewalls.

Weight: 1136 gm; 41/44/44

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