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Backcountry Skier by Jean Vives
Item # BK162

The seclusion of cross country skiing and the thrill of Alpine skiing. The untouched bowls of deep powder; the quiet of deep snow laden forest and the way to get there. Thirty years of experience is distilled into a basic primer for fun and adventure.

Chapter 1 Staying Warm and Dry
Chapter 2 Gearing Up for the Backcountry
Chapter 3 Backcountry Conditioning
Chapter 4 Climbing Techniques
Chapter 5 Descent Techniques
Chapter 6 Reading Terrain and Snow
Chapter 7 Mountian Weather
Chapter 8 Navigation Skills
Chapter 9 Avoiding Avalanches
Chapter 10 Backcountry Nutrition
Chapter 11 Hut Skiing and Winter Camping
Chapter 12 Emergency Survival

$ 18.95

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