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Nordic Ski Training - Secrets for High Performance Sport
Item # VD222

What if you knew the same secrets as the most successful Olympic athletes and their coaches? What could you do with their Gold-medal winning programs in your hands, and had the secrets decoded?

Begin a deep-dive exploration of applied sports physiology, psychology and pedagogy - a journey that exposes the secrets of elite fitness in high-performance sport. This DVD is a complete synthesis of the most successful medal winning programs and advice by a pedigree of scientists, coaches and elite athletes. Collectively the talent owns 33 Olymipc medals, 43 World Cup medals, and 2 firsts in greatest human achievements.

The nordic ski training secrets for high-performance sport volume reveals the most successful methods of World Class athletes, and is guaranteed to streamline your efforts, build sports-specific fitness and deliver tangible results. Produced as part of the Nordic Ski Project, harmonized with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP levels 1-5) and the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program.

Instructional DVD for Intermediate to Advanced skiers; 9 hours 45 minutes

$ 39.95

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