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Breathe Strong, Perform Better by Alison McConnell
Item # BK134

Control, improve and optimize breathing
Contains detailed instruction, pratical advice and easy-to-use sample programs plus more than 30 sample workouts for specific sports and fitness activities. If you want to improve fitness, increase performance or maximize your enjoyment of exercise -- this guide has it all!

Chapter 1 Breathing During Exercise
Chapter 2 Performance Limitations of Breathing Muscles
Chapter 3 Training Response of Breathing Muscles
Chapter 4 Performance Benefits of Breathing Muscle Training
Chapter 5 Training the Breathing Muscles
Chapter 6 Building Your Foundation
Chapter 7 Training for Exercise and Fitness
Chapter 8 Training for Endurance Sports
Chapter 9 Training for Team Sports
Chapter 10 Training for Racket, Striking, and Throwing Sports
Chapter 11 Exercise for Breathing Muscle Training

$ 19.95

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