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Performance Nutrition by Krista Austin and Bob Seebohar
Item # BK138

Optimize training, enhance recovery, and improve performance

While there has been an emphasis on what you should eat, now science points to the importance of when you should eat. Learn how to schedule and constitute meals, fluids and supplements to counteract altitude, heat and humidity, cold exposure and air pollution. Create an optimal nutrition plan to improve your training and recovery.

Chapter 1 Principles of Nutrient Timing
Chapter 2 Assessing Sport Performance
Chapter 3 Psychology and Sport Nutrition
Chapter 4 Functionality of Foods
Chapter 5 Timing Fluid Intake
Chapter 6 Macronutrient Timing Strategies
Chapter 7 Nutrition Periodization
Chapter 8 Nutritional Supplementation
Chapter 9 Nutrient Timing in Changing Environments
Chapter 10 Competition Day

$ 24.95

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