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Endurance Sports Nutrition by Suzanne Girard Eberle
Item # BK143

Valuable information and recommendations for endurance sport athletes. If you put in hard hours of training, there are things you should know about your dietary needs. Nutritional strategies and customized eating plans. Find your endurance advantage in the foods you eat.

Part I Endurance-Specific Nutrition Strategies

1 Strengthening Your Nutritional Base
2 Meeting Energy Needs of Distance Demands
3 Boosting Your Strength-to-Weight Ratio
4 Timing Fuel and Fluids for Optimal Results
5 Using Supplements Effectively
6 Solving Peak Performance Challenges
7 Endurance Eating for Vegetarians
8 Planning Meals for Endurance Athletes

Part II Condition-Specific Nutrition Plans
9 Shorter-Range Events
10 Long-Distance Events
11 Ultraendurance Events
12 Multiday and Multileg Endurance Events
13 Rowing and Long-Distance Swimming
14 Extreme Heat
15 Extreme Cold
16 High Altitude

$ 23.95

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