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Jumping Into Plyometrics 2nd Ed. by Donald A. Chu
Item # BK109

Plyometrics is exercise designed to enhance the athletes ability to blend speed and strength training. Donald A. Chu says he intends to dispel the myths and correct misinformation -- and show how plyometrics fits into a complete training program.

Do you include plyometrics in your training? Why not? Read this book and decide if you can afford not to try it. The Chicago Bulls have listened and so should you.

The accompanying video,Jumping into Plyometrics shows how to perform the core exercises (VD209).

Chapter I Understanding Plyometrics
Chapter II The Basics of Plyometric Training
Chapter III Designing A Plyometric Training Program Chapter IV Plyometric Exercises
Chapter V Sport-Specific Drills

$ 20.95

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