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Explosive Power and Strength by Donald A. Chu
Item # BK136

Sometimes you find a new idea and reject it because it does not seem applicable to your area of interest. And later you find that you blinded yourself to very useful ideas.
In this book, Dr. Chu shows that the coupling of resistance training (weights) with plyometrics yields better results than weights alone or alternating weights one day with plyometrics the next day. Give it a try!

Part I A Better Way to Train

Chapter 1 Complex Training Components
Chapter 2 Complex Training Physiology

Part II Complex Training Exercises
Chapter 3 Resistance Exercises
Chapter 4 Plyometrics

Part III Program Design
Chapter 5 Ingredients for Complex Training Programs
Chapter 6 Periodization
Chapter 7 Designing Your Program
Chapter 8 Assessment

$ 19.95

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