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Fischer RCS Crown Classic NIS
Item # SK309

They're back! A world class NO Wax ski built on the 812 construction with World Cup Plus base and Premium Crown pattern. Ultra fast Diamond Tune Grind (DTG) structure and pre-wax finish on the tip and tail.
The same Type C pressure distribution with the long flat 812 grip zone. The use of pressure distribution and grip factor in ski slelection will yield a fast ski -- flex will not do it. The same factors that determine fit in the wax ski apply to this no wax version. If you do a lot of racing in sun/shade conditions, give serious thought to this ski.

A shorter crown pattern than the RCR Crown. Test data shows the drag is .02 to .05. Grip factor: Tough wax conditions .75 - .73

Weight: 1254 gm; 41/44/44

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