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Fischer Speedmax Hole Skate NIS
Item # SKX705

2014-2015 Model
SPEEDMAX -- the name says it all. A NEW technology produces Fischer's fastest skis. Cold Base Bonding is a unique process which retains the homogeneity of the molecular structure. Heat pressure is no longer used to adhere the base material, resulting in maximum wax absorption. Consistent performance in all temperatures produces a fast ski.

The SPEEDMAX NIS Hole Skate is constructed with the bi-directional Air Core HM Carbon core. A light ski with torsional rigidity, smooth edge pressure, exceptional tracking stability and low swing weight. Comes in Plus base. The skis come with Diamond Tuned Grind (DTG) and are prewaxed. Comes with NIS plate.

Modified Type B distribution with exceptional tracking stability. Smooth and stable tracking with good uphill performance -- 9.6 on hard track.

Weight: 1030 gm; 41/44/44

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