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Fischer RCS Carbonlite Hole Skate NIS Plus
Item # SKX706

2014-2015 Model
Cutting a hole in the ski tip reduces the mass by 5 grams and reduces the swing weight. The effect is less energy exertion and optimum push in every stride. Constructed with the bi-directional Carbonlite Air Core -- a technology that gives us special edge control, reduced friction, better glide and lower weight.

The RCS Carbonlite Skate is light, tosionally rigid, smooth edge pressure, exceptional tracking stability and quick low swing weight. Long tail, smooth twist free skate edge. Lively and precise. When this ski fits, it is a joy.

Skis come in both Plus and Cold bases. They come Diamond Tuned Grind (DTG)and prewaxed with low fluoro wax.

A modified Type BC distribution with improved torsional stiffness.

FISCHER NIS System is a binding plate molded into the ski. Positive connection of boot/binding to the ski without screws. Adjustable position in 5 mm increments. That means you can fine-tune the binding location to your personal requirements. Eagle River Nordic will make preliminary location for skate and classic based upon pressure distribution.

Requires NNN boot/binding system. There are several performance advantages:

1. A flat bond to the ski gives a lower center of gravity.

2. Contact boot to ski.

3. Adjustable binding location.

Weight: 1139 gm; 41/44/44

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