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Fischer RCS Carbonlite Hole Skate NIS

Cutting a hole in the ski tip reduces the mass by 5 grams and reduces the swing weight. The effect is less energy exertion and optimum push in every stride. Constructed with the bi-directional Carbonlite Air Core -- a technology that gives us special edge control, reduced friction, better glide and lower weight. New graphics this year.

The RCS Carbonlite Skate is light, torsionally rigid, smooth edge pressure, exceptional tracking stability and quick low swing weight. Long tail, smooth twist free skate edge. Lively and precise. When this ski fits, it is a joy. Skis come in both Plus and Cold bases. They come with Diamond Tuned Grind (DTG) and pre-waxed. Comes with NIS plate.

Weight: 1139 grams; 41/44/44

SRG Test Summary
General: Modified Type BC distribution with improved torsional stiffness.
Glide: Long, soft edge with low friction -- 9.90.
Stability: 9.2 on hard track, 9.4 on medium. The best test data in the last ten years.
Skate Edge: The edge is torsionally stiff and straight. Straight without plowing.

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