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Fischer RCS Skate NIS

A new look on the traditional RCS Skate ski -- black is fast! Adding the Speed Tip and Tail reduces the weight. The edge friction is significantly reduced compared with the RCS Skate Cut. The result is a fast ski with a long tail pressure. A modified Type C pressure distribution with a flat 60 cm of steering and tracking pressure. Call it a hard track ski with a medium track tip. Compare it to the previous hard track champion Skate Cut. Better uphill glide, better flat track speed.

Both the Plus and Cold come with the NIS plate. Choose the Plus for most hard track skating and the Cold for dry mountain snows.

weight: 1160 grams; 41/44/44

SRG Test Summary
General: A Type BC pressure distribution with reduced torsional stiffness.
Glide: Minimize side to side travel and this is a new record 9.88 to 9.90 on medium track.
Skate Edge: Hard track stability 9.3, medium track 9.2.
Stability: 9.0 or better on medium track. Gives away a little bit on hard track. Trade-off is the record glide speed.

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