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Salomon S-Lab Equipe 10 Hard Track

New technology and design from Salomon. Nomex core with full carbon laminate and a pure Type C pressure distribution. The balanced pressure distribution on the tip and tail allows the ski to ride above the snow for faster acceleration. A straight running stable ski. Zeolit additive in the base repels water and provides better wax absorption. A universal ski for most track conditions.

Weight: 1088 grams; 44/43/44

SRG Testummary
General: Emphasis is on tracking stability. Long contact and torsional stiffness yields straight running, hard track ski.
Glide: 9.86 - 9.80 -- depending on track..
Stability: Best hard track numbers.
Skate Edge: Hard track stability 9.4, medium track 9.2.

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