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Fischer RCR Skate NIS

A fast stable training and racing ski -- versatile hard track ski. The straight cut 41 mm tip is last year’s championship ski with speed tip and medium graphite universal base. The same long tail pressure and Type C pressure distribution as last years’s RCS. The most stable -- the right price. This is a “Best Buy” for 2013. Buy it for training on hard hard track. Buy it for beginning to intermediate skaters.

Weight: 1328 grams; 41/44/44

SRG Test Summary
General: Long tail pressure just like its World Class predecessor. Type BC pressure distribution.
Glide: Index at 9.70 to 9.8. Lower graphite content base -- wax often.
Stability: Here is the secret to learning to skate. Stability at 9.0 or above with smooth skate edge. Long glide on a stable platform.

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