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Atomic Team Skate

The Atomic Team Skate is still the best beginner skate ski. The skis have dual grooves in the base and an Ultra Light Densolite core with Speedcell insert to provide stable vibration free efficiency.  A beginning skater needs a stable platform to promote balance and extended glide. The Team Skate has high tracking stability, smooth flat ski stability and positive edging. STABLE. A modified CB distribution with all the characteristics of the Powercell core Race Skate.

Weight: 1105 grams; 44/42/43.5

SRG Test Summary
General: A Type AB distribution with conventional binding placement. Modified CB with flat foot glide.
Glide: Long stiff tail gives 9.62 glide index on medium track.
Stability: Excellent tracking and skate edge. Makes this a top beginner's skate ski.

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