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Atomic Vasa Skintec Race

New graphics on last year’s ski. A quiet No Wax ski with Kohla Mohair inserts for all temperatures and snow conditions. Not a ski for only zero centigrade conditions. New flex pattern with the Step Down Sidewall technology provides exceptional glide. The Skintec rides up off the snow in the glide phase, but the flex properties of the ABS insert compress during the kick phase for good grip. The Skintec strips do not ice up and are 30% shorter than the kick zone of most classic skis.

Comes with two easily changeable grip inserts for different snow conditions and skier preferences. Fit is critical.

Weight: 1308 grams; 41/44/41

SRG Test Summary
General: A No Wax ski without a pattern, Mohair inserts for all temperatures and snow conditions.
Glide: Index 8.3-- fit is critical
Grip: Most snow/temps .76 - .72.
Drag: Most conditions -- .02 to .04.

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