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Atomic Team Classic

A high performance classic ski for entry level racers and fast in-track touring. The RC Sport profile and light sidecut results in a wax classic with great grip (.75) and low drag glide. The Atomic Team now has a new core construction -- Speedcell with quicker grip and rebound. A lighter ski with stability in both grip and glide.

Weight: 1122 grams; 44/42/43.5

SRG Test Summary
General: Good torque on tail gives stable easy kick. Type AB distribution.
Glide: 7.40 glide -- not bad for a tough citizen race ski that goes in uneven track.
Grip: The narrow underfoot profile makes for excellent grip.
Drag: Shorten the wax pocket up front by two inches and grip is still .71 with zero drag in good track.

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