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Skiing into Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

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2015-2016 Archives
Every Use Klister? Here's How!
A Birkie Poster
Birkie Day!
It Will Be a Waxing Challenge
We Picked Up Our Birkie Bibs
On to Hayward, Wisconsin
A Few More Northwoods Scenes
The ABR Trails in Ironwood MI
Made it to Wisconsin
January Thaw or Great Skiing?
Another Lesson in Snow History
Tour de Ski USA World Cup Wins
Variety is the Spice of Skiing
Ever Try Biathlon?
Cross Country Postcards
The Winter Wonderland
Seeing How I Ski...
What to do when the snow is thin
Wax for the Snow Temp!
My First Tracks of the Winter
A Good Time for Ski Prep
The Ski Season Begins
Waiting and Waiting...
I'll Be Back Soon!

2014-2015 Archives
Birkie Day
Final Birkie Preparations
A Cold Week Before the Birkie
Skiing the UP of Michigan
This Years Birkie Trip
Still Seems Like Spring
Seems Like Spring
A Touch of a Chinook
The Beauty of Winter
The Heart of Winter
Apres Christmas Ski Trip
VR40 Lasts for Three Days
Silky Glide - Great Grip
A Little Thin but Nice Glide
Cross Country Ski Academy Pt 2
Cross Country Ski Academy
Mission Accomplished, Almost...
Buried Buffalo
Skiing has Come to Montana
Getting Ready for Winter
Welcome Winter

2013-2014 Archives
Springs a Comin'
Birkie Day!
Almost Ready to Go
Waxing Skis
Ski! Ski! Ski!
Skiing Near Hayward, WI
Traveling to Wisconsin
More Moose
A Wildlife Ski
A Waxing Challenge
It's the Snow Temp that Counts
Ski the Middlefork of the Teton
Castle Geyser Rainbow
A Super Grip Wax Job
Yellowstone Color

Ridin' Sally to Old Faithful
A Merry Christmas Card
Sand to Silk
Warmed Up to 3 F
Gotta Hunker Down
Waiting Game and Snow Geese
My First Tracks
Early Snow Reports
Transition Time and Ski Preparation
New Look - Same Ralph
I'll Be Back Soon

2012-2013 Archives
One More Trip to West
Clean Your Skis for the Summer
Birkie Wrap Up
Birkie Day
Ready for the Birkie
Birkie Trail Condition
Minocqua Winter Park
All Aboard Amtrak
West Yellowstone 2
West Yellowstone
Homestake Lodge
The Crew at IWI
Grip Waxing for Warm and Wet Snow
Rain - Yuck!
Weather Flip Flops
What's the Wax?
Nice Ski at Izaak Walton
New Skis Report
Happy New Year Ski
Merry Christmas
Great Clinic
We Are Skiing
Big Snow?

2011-2012 Archives
Walk Up Clary Coulee
Winter Goes Full Circle
Go Out and Play
Spring Cleaning
First Sign of Spring
Did the Wax Work?
Ski to Kintla Lake
Izaak Walton Inn
Wild Weather
Jennifer Caldwell
Avalanche Warning
Junior Olympics
New Trails at West
Junior National Qualifier
Ski Fest 2012
West Yellowstone
A Different Year
Merry Christmas
Kick Out the Kinks
Season Gearing Up
Great Scenery
Come On Man...
Birkie Closed
Got My Exercise
The Pattern Changed
Transition Time
Ski Preparation
A Winter Teaser at Our Lake
The Snow Line's Coming Down
Into Winter and Back
Winter is a Day Away
Here We Go Again!

2010-2011 Archives
Will Spring Come?
Mt. Brown Lookout
My 2011 Birkie
Birkie Waxing
Montana Birkie Skiers
The Barnebirkie
No Trains
Birkie Week
Montana Ski Week
Izaak Walton Inn
Homestake Lodge
West Yellowstone
Lone Mountain Ranch
Ravens Attack Snowmobile
Skiing the North Fork
Deep Snow - Great Skiing
Skiing Hard Pack
Good Skiing - Crappy Weather
Life in Montana
Skiing Crud
The Flu
Classic or Skate?
The Rhythm of Skiing
Lunar Eclipse
Over 8,000 Birkie Skiers
Warm Days at West Yellowstone
Tune-up at LMR
Winter Wonderland
Hunting is Over
Winter is Here!
A Two-Fer?
Wandering to Winter
Bohart Ranch Opens
Avy Danger Scale
Do the Bears Know?
Summer Relaxation
Welcome Back!

2009-2010 Archives
Welcome Spring
Bike to Rising Sun
Bluebirds and Meadowlarks
Lincoln Ridge
New Gear?
Birkie Day 2010
Birkie Prelim...
February Fun
Birkie is Full
Breathe Right
1,300 Skiing Kids
A Nice Rain
Skating Sequences
The Best
Shrinking Hills
Frosty West Yellowstone
East Glacier Powder
Happy Holidays
Grip Wax Roots
West Yellowstone
Grizzly Grooming
Grind Update
Keeping Busy
Nikolai Anikin Sr.
Anikin Passes Away
Getting Close
Birkie News
I Need a Grind
Ski Preparation
There's Sking in MT
Are You Ready?
Welcome Back!

2008-2009 Archives
Welcome Spring
Ski to the North Fork
Flattop Mountain
Dancing Lady
Middlefork Teton Ski
Mount Brown
The BarneBirkie
My 30th Birkie
It's Party Time
Skiing with Bjorn
Our Birkie Wax Job
Birkie Wax Forecast
Birkie Trail-OO South
Friendships at ERN
ABR Ski Area
Birkie-North End
Montana Skiing
Birkie Countdown
Level II, III Exam
Cold Snow Glide
Leslie Thompson
Toko Grip Spray
West and the Ranch
Ski Fest Coming
Ski Instructors
Big Snow!
Where's the Road?
Settling In to Winter

2007-2008 Archives
Keep on Keepin On!
Spring Cleaning
Never Ending Winter
Two Med Crust Cruise
Time of Two Seasons
The Barnebirkie
Montana Birkie Skiers
Beautiful Birkie
Birkie Countdown
Race in the Rain
Days of Joy
A Tale of Three Skis
Remember Cold?
Quick Poling Recovery
A Festival of Skiing
Wonderful Winter
Marias Pass Ski
Kikkan Takes Gold
Go to a Race
Flattop Mtn Ski
Bert Passed Away

2006-2007 Archives
Cleaning and Storage
Spring Sking 2007
Has Spring Sprung?
A Week Off
An Unusual Birkie
Off to the Birkie
West Yellowstone
Birkie Preparation
Skate to Train
Marias to Lubec
Lubec to East Glacier
Variety is Spice
Cold Classic Skiing
Autumn Creek Trail
Enjoying Winter
Happy New Year
Classic Review
A Tail Tucked Under
A Quiet Panel
The Big 60!

2005-2006 Archives
Clean and Store
Skinning the Cat
Rex Power Grip
Montana Scenery
2006 Rendezvous Race
Marathon Waxing
Birkie 2006
06 MT Birkie Skiers
Good Friends
Two More Skaters
Backcountry Day
Visual Cues for Skating
John Carr
The Klap Ski
Three Classic Skiers
Classic Skiing at West

2004-2005 Archives
Summer Storage
The 2005 Birkie
Lone Mountain Ranch
Rendezvous Trails
What Is It?
Fast Skis/Cold Snow
The Lake of Cold Air
Beginning Skate-1
Beginning Skate-2

Lost in the Woods
Izaak Walton Inn
Skiing in the Rain
W. Yellowstone-12/6

Birkie Stories from Previous Years
My 2012 Birki
My 2011 Birkie
Birkie Waxing
Montana Birkie Skiers
The Barnebirkie
No Trains
Birkie Week
Birkie Day 2010
Birkie Prelim...
Birkie is Full
1,300 Skiing Kids
Birkie News- November 2009
2009 Barnebirkie
My 30th Birkie in 2009
It's Party Time
Skiing with Bjorn - 2009
Our 2009 Birkie Wax Job
2009 Birkie Wax Forecast
Birkie Trail-OO South
Friendships at ERN
Birkie-North End
2009 Birkie Countdown
Preparing for Number 30
The 2008 Barnebirkie

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