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Tips & Tricks Page

Applying glide wax by dripping & ironing

Scraping skis with Plexi scraper to remove hairs & accumulated dirt

Wet Polishing
Get a household spray bottle, fill it with clean water and set it by your wax bench. Apply Fluoro waxes and/or pure Fluoro -- cork or iron and brush with horsehair brush. Then spray water on base and brush with blue (soft) nylon brush. It will polish shiny smooth. Tests indicate wet polished skis are faster than dry.

NOTwax with Wax
Soak bare skis in NOTwax, over them iron in hard paraffin glider. i.e., CH4, Toko Blue. Cool overnight, scrape and brush. Apply NOTwax and ski. Very slippery, free skis. If you are looking for a “No Brainer” training wax, this could be the one. The uphill preformance is outstanding -- very low break-away speed. Try it and let us know.

Hot Wax Cleaning
Hot Wax Cleaning -- the preferred method of cleaning skis by all National Team wax technicians. Hot wax the ski with a soft hydrocarbon (the cheap stuff -- Swix CH10, Dominator HX99, Toko Yellow), while still warm to liquid, scrape it off. Repeat four or five times on dirty skis. Skis which have been waxed with high fluoro waxes need constant “hot wax jobs”. After cleaning the skis, start the layering process -- start with many layers and scrape (with a sharp plastic scraper) and brush each layer. The more times you repeat, the faster the skis. (So says many a wax guru.)

Fluoro Powder + Tex Wax
Here is a slick easy way to apply Fluorocarbon crystals. Sprinkle the crystals evenly on the ski base and iron in with a Toko iron with Tex Wax. (Toko no longer makes the Dibloc Nordic Tex Wax but the Alpine version with hydrocarbon works.) The trick applies melted wax evenly over the Fluorocarbon at high temperature melting it. When you are done ironing (one or two passes), brush with horsehair brush and go ski!

Bjorn's Secret
It’s an old trick but certainly worth remembering. A short (at most six inches) extra layer of
soft kick wax centered directly under the ball of your foot. As Bjørn says, “You can never have too much grip.” With the higher cambered classic skis, there should be enough room for this short kicker and you will thank Bjørn at the top of that tough hill.

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